Bexleyheath & Barnehurst Bowls Website News 25 May

The North West Kent Triples League started on 9 May when our Ladies won 5 points. Whereas last weeks match was disappointing, on 23 May playing at Bromley Town our Ladies won all 6 points; now placed 2nd in the table for Division 3.
 It is still early in the season,  (as it ends in mid August) so there are many opportunities for good as well as disappointing results.
Our Men’s team playing away at Forest Hill had two good games on 23 May, winning one and losing one with a very close overall result and gaining just 2 points this time.

WebSite News was at the away match against Horton Kirby on Wednesday 22 May. Each of  the five rinks had exciting and challenging games; on some rinks we won on others we lost. It is always competitive and friendly when we play against each other; this match was no different. On this occasion Horton Kirby won 90-60.  

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