The Matches We Play

Types of Games

We play Men’s matches where ladies are permitted to fill any spaces, ladies only matches and mixed games. We play league and friendly games, by prior arrangement as organised by our fixture secretaries (men’s or ladies) we play either rinks (four in a team with two woods each) or triples where three players each have three woods. There are various competitions, both internal and external that members can enter.
We Please various types of matches here are members playing in our finals day
Start times of the Matches we play

Start Times

We usually have at least one match over the weekend perhaps with a ladies game on a Saturday with a mixed game on a Sunday, matches usually start at 1400 or 1430 hrs often with a break for tea at midway; matches are usually 18 or sometimes 21 ends. There are games spread through the week days. In a typical season we usually play 26 or so men’s matches, a similar number of ladies games and over 30 mixed matches. Additionally, both the ladies and men play in the North Kent Triples League which take place on Thursday evenings starting at 1730/1800 hrs. This league organises matches from mid- May through to mid- August.


Obviously our home matches are held at our green in Russell Park and we travel to locations including Dartford, Swanscombe, Bromley, Erith, Sidcup and other local areas. During the season we also play friendly matches in locations which enable our members to enjoy a day out together including places such as Herne Bay, Whitstable and Marden.
Locations of the Matches we play

Fun Days

We also hold an occasional Fun Day during the season particularly when there has not been a competitive match for two or three days. A great opportunity to enjoy a leisurely pint or two or a glass or two of wine with fellow members relaxing hopefully in the summer sunshine

Dress Code

For practice sessions and roll ups, you will be expected to wear a Fred Perry type shirt and shorts/trousers, not jeans, and for more formal games members are expected to wear their Club shirt with usually grey or white trousers, or shorts (ladies may choose to wear a bowls skirt) as arranged and agreed with the Fixture Secretaries of the two clubs playing the match.

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