Green Maintenance

Our green is well maintained by the Green Team comprising of Wally Hardwick (the Club’s Head Green-keeper), Hamish McGregor along with Barry Spall. On occasions this team is supported by other members on a regular basis.

At the end of the season and again just prior to the start of each new season other members from both Bexleyheath & Barnehurst and Helio Mirror Bowls Clubs answer the call for specific help and provide valued help for a few hours undertaking various tasks which are required and are ‘labour intensive’.

Earlier in October 2022 external assistance was considered necessary to ensure that the green would be in tip top condition by the end of March in readiness for the new season beginning towards the end of April.

Unfortunately, the green over the last two years or so has had an ongoing battle with worms resulting in the green surface not being as ‘true’ as it should be. The worm casts block the mowers etc and will eventually cause damage to this expensive machinery The worm casts make the cutting of the grass nearly impossible leaving mud patches where the grass cannot grow.

The external help from a grounds specialist has hopefully addressed the issue. The playing surface has been thoroughly scarified, leveled and had an initial top dressing which was followed by more treatment in the autumn that required a steady rainfall to help ensure that the applied dressing soaks through the soil and nourishes the grass.

Whilst the long sunny summer last year was welcomed by many it proved an increased challenge to the Green Team who continued to work incredibly hard in ensuring that we all could play bowls despite the drought conditions.

Having spent additional money to improve the green, we are more than hopeful that we have won the battle with the worm casts.

Now as Spring approaches, the green is looking to be in a far better condition than in the last year or two. This will allow our Green Team to spend their valued time in a more effective way in keeping the playing surface in a good condition with far fewer worms. As Wally Hardwick said, “If we cannot control the worm casts, we will not be able to maintain the green”.

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